We help our clients identify, assess and target the right markets and the right decision-makers. We enable them to strengthen sales and marketing efforts by generating highly qualified leads and powerful selling opportunities. We provide the analysis and insights necessary to smartly manage risk and seize growth opportunities with both hands. While we work with our clients on a rigorously defined, project-basis, our market strategists have found that a multi-phase approach to market strategy development affords the highest rate-of-return.

Among the solutions we offer are:

Market Assessment and Analysis
In order to provide a strategic, real-world perspective on growth potential, Market Intelligence Group assesses market dynamics, trends and demand drivers to determine what markets offer the most promising opportunities. Our strategic analysis and due diligence work - drawing on the domain expertise of market strategists - helps you identify and validate the markets, verticals, and geographies that represent strong growth. We are experts in the development of proprietary primary research data as we as the consolidation and analysis of secondary data for merger and acquisition due diligence.

  • Custom Research and Analysis

Customer Intelligence
To develop positioning, messaging and value propositions that resonate with key decision-makers, Market Intelligence Group will generate, synthesize and assess feedback from customers, prospects and other insightful sources. This analysis is designed to help you determine what the market wants - and is willing to pay for. We map out decision-making patterns and dynamics, and analyze customer needs, concerns and business objectives.

  • Market Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Marketing Strategy and Planning
Successful strategies lead to clear and decisive plans around customer growth, product development, and new market entry and expansion. The client makes the strategic decisions, but solid strategic recommendations and planning are critical to success. Market Intelligence Group collaborates with clients to help define and articulate new strategies - whether the challenges involve differentiation, positioning, or customer value propositions. MIG can build plans, approaches and segmentation models that help technology companies effectively reach out to prospective customers, channel partners, and market influencers of all kinds.

  • Product Marketing Workshops

Lead Development and Qualification
Market Intelligence Group also has extensive experience in tactical marketing and sales support activities. This is where our list development/lead generation capabilities lie: We identify, analyze, and prioritize key prospect lists (both domestic and international). Our quality and cost/benefit analysis methodologies are designed to help the client make the most effective decisions with regard to list development, lead refinement and customer qualification.

  • Google™ Adwords®, MSN™ Windows Live® and Yahoo™ Search® expertise

Campaign Design and Execution
In addition to lead development activities, we advise clients on the trade-offs of particular marketing campaign approaches (direct sales, printed mail, email, telemarketing) and can execute these campaigns on their behalf. Whether our clients are engaged in a product launch or focused on new market growth, we collaborate with them to achieve their business objectives.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Planning and Delivery

Sales and Marketing Communications
We provide tactical sales and marketing solutions to help our clients effectively articulate value, benefits and differentiators to their customers and partners as well as investors and market influencers. Leveraging our domain expertise in technology markets, we can develop compelling content -- campaign messaging, sales scripts, white papers, case studies, sales collateral, web copy – to build market credibility and strengthen sales efforts.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Site Optimization





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